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Who we are

Amplify your business value via continuous introspection.

To understand your true brand needs and create the overall future-ready digital platform, a journey that the audience remembers.

What does it means? It explains our intricate process to build your digital presence quickly and flawlessly. Our team of expertise and innovators deep dive to understand the client needs and navigate them towards success and help your brand win the race.

We create the digital experience that delights, inspires and compels the audience to stand in awe.

What we do

Build New

A unique and well-structured website design is the heart and soul for your online reach. Converting the ideas into tangible reality way ahead of the expectations is an art and can only be possessed by experts. At DigitUp, we hold a paced-up team of design-driven experts, well versed with the most updated trends in the website designing world. Our prime motto is to enhance user experience without compromising on the required information addition under amazing website aesthetics. Our experts are well versed with the apt uses of HTML, CSS, for the overall UI_UX based design process. Right from regular website designs to responsive ecommerce websites, we own a well-experienced team, capable to create the exact replica of your ideas.

Tech consultation

Technical and digital assistance is the need of the hour. Focused on offering superior level consultation on market, data analytics, new technologies, third party implementations, we offer tech consultation aimed at excellent performance delivery. Working in a team of robust software engineer, at DigitUp, we believe in excellence with best performance. Our in-house team of experts are well capable of offering both-onshore and offshore technology consultation around the globe.

Smart Integrations

Feature integrations are one of the most crucial part of every website. Implementing the right custom-defined integration between the data, APIs, applications and the business network is what makes your business flourish and foster. Integration of business tools make your platform and its insights more visible on a global scale by adding new feratures to the websites.

Website Performance

Can you enjoy browsing a website that takes several minutes to run through? Well! None of us would! Therefore, website performance support is quite crucial in striking a well performing website for any business. Understanding the website performance support systems helps in learning the prime elements that results in faster web pages and ways to optimize a website for delivering valid content to the visitors as quick as possible. During the flow of browsing, every extra second passed is counted at the cost of user inconvenience leading to loss of an individual’s interest in the brand. Website performance helps in measuring and managing the scales of how quick a website page uploads and displays in the web browser. This refers to the practice of improving a brand website’s performance through multiple methods and tools, resulting in a faster loading website or a high- performing website. There are multiple parameters and website rating scales based on which Google considers a website to be well-performing or under-performing.

Content Fitment

Content fitment is the primary task on every website which refers to the structural updation of digital assets and ligh piece of content on website pages. We at DigitUp provide the hollistic approach of fonts, styling, spacing checks in the content fitment excercise as well as analytics of every digital asset upgrade.

Digital Quality Management

Digital quality management (DQM) deals with technologies being used for identifying, comprehending, and fixing all kinds of flaws in the data. Efficient data and its overall management for the right business flow is the backbone of any business. DQM tools help in supporting the entire management and decision-making process concerning any business entity for efficient data governance. We at DigitUp are aced towards offering superior level digital quality management services that in-turn embarks context-specific process for delivering improved, business-fit data for better analysis and decision making. Our team works on the right balance of the various set of processes and technologies to reach to the goal of better data functioning by simplifying even the most complex data sets.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which refers to the process of optimizing the search engine results and rankings for better online visibility using a set of protocols. These protocols are pre-defined and need to be religiously followed for attracting higher traffic for generating better business. The prime goal of all types of SEO services is towards search optimization and pacified online visibility. Partner with DigitUp, one of the top SEO Services provider to foster your website presence in terms of search engine listing. Our prime focus is towards increasing your organic visibility, superior quality traffic for improvised sales of your online business. At DigitUp, we are a team of highly dedicated SEO Managers, who rigorously work on content optimisation, related link building, continuous analytics tracking for an in-depth report generation to perform the SEO tasks accordingly.

Our work

Migration/ Development for ekaterra

Migration/ Development for ekaterra

ekaterra has recently parted ways with Unilever which has alongside decided to migrate it's website from legacy AEM to advance headless technical architecture. DigitUp has successfully migrated ekaterra's 8 brands and 11 corporate locals across all geographies with smart integrations. A future ready architecture and excellent performance has allowed the websites to excel in respective fields.

GoodCart Development

GoodCart Development

Unilever Singapore, under the Leadership of Aseem Puri (VP) intends to Launch D2C operation for Unilever Products to be available in multiple countries starting with Singapore and India. DigitUp has been helping Unilever Singapore corporate from day 1 of request from an idea to making it a reality. We are not just doing development but also giving guidance on internal questions like shipment warehousing, logistics and legal

35% Traffic Increase for Pukka UK

35% Traffic Increase for Pukka UK

DigitUp SEO team careful analysed Pukka UK's traffic flow, keyword research and implemented meta titles which resulted in increase of organic traffic across Pukka UK products and informative pages. The increase in organic traffic has also increased the revenue for Pukka UK.

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